How to get grip basketball shoes

How to get grip on basketball shoes

If there is anything a basketball player would hope for, slipping is at all times the last thing in mind. It gives no wisdom to anxiety about how much basketball shoe price and once more anxiety about how to get a better grip during the game. You have to pick one struggle.

And that is your requirement to purchase sneakers with extremely good grip and traction. From the word go, basketball sports involve fast starts, abrupt stops, changes in directions, and jumping. In brief, it is one of the sports functions with multi-directional movements.

On that behalf, no matter how many basketball shoes should fit you, the most serious thing is how great their traction is.

In addition,  almost all indoor courts, built of hardwood and pitch, have a lofty aptitude for becoming slippery and smooth.

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Grip basketball

get grip back on basketball shoes
get a grip back on basketball shoes

They occasionally begin to be dirty and full of mote after a long time of sporty activities. The dust can pile up on the shoe soles and the last result is slipping and even knocking off of the players.

should at all times be at the peak of your attention to prevent issues such as ankles and knee injuries. So you should stop focusing on ‘how a large number of basketball shoes should get’ and begin thinking about how you are able to get basketball shoes with a better grip on the courts.

 As a player, or even if you are more into basketball shoes, find a better grip.

How to grip Slippery Shoes


Not all shoes are bought with grip issues. It has come to notice that. Whatever slippy cases have been indicated after various matches, causing more tension to players, and drastically overcast their performance.

Interrogations on how to decide like slippery shoes have flooded internet blogs, a large number of players contriving into using homemade mechanisms to get better grips.

However, if you choose locally exalted behalf or advanced techniques, I am here to tell you that the matter can be solved through easy means, which we are going to share in this piece of writing.

1. Cleaning

If you think this is an undiluted task, you are wrong. Cleaning has a greater influence on the all-inclusive performance of the players. 

Okay, if you are in love with indoor sports, you will notice that some players will recess in between the plates to wipe their shoe soles with their hands. Not once, not two times.

They do it several times until the end of the match. They do it, now since they like it, all the target at is to recover the grip from their shoes. And that is what you and I are all after.

Cleanliness in basketball revolves around two main circles; the court and the shoes. 

Cleaning The Shoes

The most usual strategy used in cleaning up sports shoes is by wiping the sole with a damp towel during the match. Sometimes you will notice some players licking their hands and wiping the soles.

how to get grip basketball shoes
how to get grip basketball shoes

However, this might not be the perfect solution and might have mystic demerits to the players. As much as wiping your shoes during the match can save little moments of embarrassment. it can be tedious and lower your power output in the team.

It also occurs with some difficulty that includes:

  • Wetting your soles with too much water will be more hazardous than the meager case of natural slippage.
  • If you are jealous, do you know the variety between a dry slip and a wet slip?I estimate you don’t and that is why it’s recommended to attempt as much as you are able to eliminate using much water on your soles. 
  • If you remember how much basketball shoes took from your pocket, you won’t accept them to cause injuries merely because you used too much water.
  • In a brief where one area of the sole is wet than others, it is that some areas might be cleaned over a period of time others will acquire slick, resulting in imbalanced traction.
  • Thirdly, how sure are you that wetting your towel will produce balanced results? probably, the materials might not have uniform water coverage.
  • Last but not least, since players find it easy to wipe their soles with their hands, it does not mean that they end up cleaning the entire sole surface. 

Perform over and over

With all these limitations, cleaning your sneakers during the play will not yield permanent results. It may require you to perform it over and over till the end of the game.

Something you should not amuse about. The most unfailing, if not stable, solution is to clean your shoes ahead of the game.

There are several DIY techniques to use in cleaning your shoes that we are going to tackle today, but they are worth learning.

I conjecture knowing about how many basketball shoes should fit your weekly matches won’t be ample if you do not comprise essential information on how to clean the same pumps. 

Cleaning The Courts.

Basketball courts take care of a lot of activities in a single week. It is therefore likely to get dirty frequently, requiring frequent cleaning and attendance. However, it is not just cleaning that will restore the grip from the basketball shoes.

You require to pick the best time to clean, which is before the match. whether you like playing with your friends or earlier on the original game, why don’t you arrive an hour or two before the game to clean the court?

As I mentioned earlier, playing on wet surfaces can be more dangerous than just slipping due to dust and dirt. Another important thing to note is that cleaning the courts with a dry mop will not solve anything. Wet cleaning is the best way to go.

However, since cleaning the court you need to dry it before the game. In all cases, cleaning the courts before the actual game will remove the dirt and dust, and also dry the court which prevents the slipping issue by the players.

2. Using Enhancers

Unusually, cleaning your shoes during the game or courts will not abidingly recover the grip from your shoes.

You need a more improved method to get a better grip. These comprise turning to particular grip enhancers.

Grip enhancers are not only average for old shoes that have completely lost their grip. They can also be used on newer shoes to casual their traction on the game. some of the generally used grip enhancers are;

  • Traction fluid.
  • Grip lotion
  • Hair spray
  • A gel mat or traction mat

The enhancers will provide more grip during the game. All you require is to apply adequate amounts to the outsole before the game.

However, grip enhancers come with their limitations, making them not a standing solution for your shoes.

Such limitations include:

  1. Time consuming. You know why? applying the gel or lotions you need to wait for them to dry you have to sit down for more than five minutes . On that behalf, you cannot apply for them and join the team instantly.
  2. If you are that type of player who worries about how many basketball shoes should fit you during a single match, then you need to appeal to all pairs earlier on in the game.
  3. You are fortunate to get the finest grip from your sneakers, but the question is how long will it last? Not forever because the gel or lotion ends up forming a layer of more on your outsoles.
  4. The final result, you are slipping. This may want you to apply it another time at a depth of at least five minutes, which moves down your game performance.
  5. From the exploration, gels and lotions are usually magnetic. They are probably to allure a vicious seam of dirt and dust on your outsoles.

This leads to an increase of hard-packed gunk, which not only makes your shoes weighty but also slippy during the game.

Moreover, I didn’t mean to dishearten you from making use of the enhancers. They provide great aid during the game and they are the facile tricks to keep up the traction of the shoes.

However, if you find it exhausting  applying grip enhancers during large  court activities, you try avoiding them, and that means you will require to operate the next option, which is;

3. A Slipp-Nott Traction Mat

At NBA and NCAA pro levels, players apply this type of mat to tighten their traction. The mat is in most cases used on sleek indoor surfaces.

Slipp-Nott Traction Mat immediately and practically traps the dirt and more from the soles once you step on it.

The ending result is dirt-free soles with outstanding traction within three seconds.

It has the following features

  • Disposable sticky sheets that are fitted on a dynamic foundation.
  • long-lasting highly efficient Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Terpolymer (A.B.S).
  • The bottom is backed up with a ribbed rubber that prevents it from sliding and damaging the floor.

The mat comes with 30, 60, or 75 sheets of your choice. That is good news. There are also exchange mats that are sold individually.

It is the original mat that is used on all smooth inner parts floors and sports including; basketball, badminton, volleyball,  handball, racquetball, and fencing.

You can use the mat until the entire adhesive is covered with dirt and dust, then you can replace it with a new mat.

I know you may be thinking of how much basketball shoes and uniforms are worth you, and putting in other items on your budget, but do that to aid your team and you stand no scope to regret.


Buying the enhancers for the whole season might be a bit ludicrous, right? But if you want a long-lasting solution, you must Envisage getting one.

Moreover, not everyone can afford the Slipp-Nott Traction Mat since it’s fully costly.

That does not mean you should finish the game. There is a mode out that entangle using simple hacks listed below;

  • Using a toothpick to display gravels and dirt particles that may stick inside  the notch of the outsoles. If you allow too many gravels to stick in the outsoles, they are probably to cause slipping, or even wearing and tearing of the outsoles.
  • Wiping off the bottom of your shoes with a dank cloth and soapy water. Soapy water makes the shoes stickier during the game.
  • Avoid using your basketball shoes outdoors. The rough outdoor surfaces have a high tendency of killing the traction of your shoes. It is quite advisable to stick to the specific purpose of the shoe.
  • Clean your shoes after every game and store them in a safe place, preferably inside their bags. This act will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of your sneakers.

5. More Permanent Solution 

grip basketball shoes
grip basketball shoes

Done with all cleanings, enhancers, and replacement methods but the problem is not yet solved? Look for a permanent solution. The grip can also be restored by taking your shoes to the repair and having them checked.

The repair includes replacing the outsole with a stickier sole. This method would favor you if you like your pair of basketball shoes and you are not ready to part with them.

Once you notice your outsoles have started wearing out or losing their original form, you can take them to the local repair or even shoe store.

Furthermore, the only permanent solution to slippery shoes is buying a new pair. Continuously replacing your shoe soles and applying enhancers will never solve the problem.

When I think of how many basketball shoes should I get, I always consider their traction and how long they will serve me. 

Bottom line

Everyone wants to have a great grip on their shoes. It is hazardous when you slip in the court, not to mention the consequences.

Therefore, coming up with simple means to restore grip on the floor will be a good idea. However, prevention is better than cure, so you can prevent the mess by getting a new pair of shoes before the game in case the present pair is worn out.

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