Does under Armour Shoes Run Small

Does Under Armour Shoes Run Small? Find Your Perfect Fit!

Discover the truth about Under Armour shoe sizing and ensure your next pair is a perfect fit.

Under Armour has established itself as a formidable name in the world of athletic wear, providing not only high-performance clothing but also a wide array of footwear for sports enthusiasts, athletes, and casual wearers alike. However, a recurring question among potential buyers and long-time fans is: Do Under Armour shoes run small? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the brand’s sizing nuances, offering helpful tips to choose the right size for your next pair of Under Armour shoes.

Understanding Under Armour Shoe Sizing

One of the first considerations when purchasing new shoes is getting the size right. Under Armour’s sizing can be a bit tricky, with some wearers noting that certain models feel snugger compared to other brands. Let’s break down the factors that you need to consider.

Under Armour Shoe Size Chart Comparison
US Size Under Armour (inches) Standard Running Shoe (inches)
7 9.875 9.875
8 10.125 10.1875
9 10.5 10.5
10 10.875 10.875
11 11.125 11.1875
12 11.5 11.5625

Factors That Influence Under Armour Shoe Fit

  • Model Variation: Different models may have different fits. For example, shoes designed for running might have a tighter fit for better support, whereas training shoes could offer a bit more room for lateral movements.
  • Foot Shape: Individuals with wider feet may find that Under Armour shoes feel smaller, given the brand’s traditionally snug fit catered towards a medium foot width.
  • Material: Shoe materials will also impact fit. Synthetic materials may not stretch as much as natural ones, meaning a tighter fit might not loosen up as much over time.

Does Under Armour Shoes Run Small? Find Your Perfect Fit!


How to Choose the Right Under Armour Shoe Size

Selecting the right size when purchasing Under Armour shoes online or in-store can be daunting. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Measure your feet: Always start by measuring both of your feet. It’s not uncommon for there to be a slight difference in size between them.
  • Refer to size charts: Look at the Under Armour size chart specific to the model you’re interested in and compare it to your measurements.
  • Read reviews: Customer reviews often highlight whether a particular model runs small or true to size, so these can be a valuable resource.
  • Try them on: If possible, visiting a store to try on different sizes and models can be helpful.
  • Consider usage: If you’re planning to wear thicker socks or orthotics, you may need to go up half a size.

Under Armour’s Return Policy

Under Armour stands behind the quality of its products and has a return policy that accommodates size exchanges. If you’re not satisfied with the fit of your shoes, you are generally able to return them within a set period, provided they are unworn and in their original condition.


Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Under Armour Shoes Run Small? Find Your Perfect Fit!

Do Under Armour Shoes Fit True To Size?

Under Armour shoes often provide a snug fit, so some models may run slightly small compared to other brands.

Are Under Armour Sizes Consistent?

Under Armour sizing can vary between models, but they generally maintain a consistent fit within the same type of shoe.

How To Pick The Right Size In Under Armour Shoes?

Measure your foot and refer to the Under Armour size chart for the best fit, considering reviews on the specific model.

Can Socks Affect Under Armour Shoe Sizing?

Thick socks can cause a tighter fit in Under Armour shoes, so choose socks according to the fit you desire.


The consensus seems to be that, yes, Under Armour shoes can run small, particularly for those with wider feet or who are between sizes. While many users find Under Armour shoes to fit true to size, it’s important to consider the model type and intended use. Remember to measure accurately, consult size charts, read reviews for personal experiences, and take advantage of Under Armour’s return policy if necessary. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to find your perfect pair of Under Armour shoes.


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