the best basketball shoes for guards

Top 5 best basketball shoes for guards

Is an important duty for a basketball player to select the best basketball shoes. It is the main part that controls both his fitness and performance. The best basketball shoes for guards are also important like as the other types of shoes. For example best basketball shoes for outdoor.

As we all know, the game of basketball is full of happening quickly or promptly, detonating moves, lofty jumps, and continuous running

Basketball Shoes for Guards

Players who are shooting guards and point guards are known to be the best ball trainers. Being in key positions like this requires them to be all the time running and hitting 6-meter jump shots from time time.

All these actions are able to push pressure on the knees and ankles, and hence,  more than going in for shoes for ankle support, you are obliged to pick lightweight shoes with enough cushioning, and midsole support.

Cushioning will keep away from shoe pains that might be caused due to constant movements. You are obliged to select shoes that have ample amounts of movement. Well, here are some analyses, from which you are able to select the best pair of shoes that suit you.

If you are a swift guard and you like to beat your competitor off the dribble with fatal crossovers and sleek pull-up jumpers you require shoes that are able to keep up with your style of play.

If you are looking for performance basketball shoes for guards, you are obliged to have a look at the following models.

We are listed in the top 5 Basketball Shoes for Guards which are the Best Basketball for Guards.

Product TitlesPreviewFeaturesBuy
1. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoeadidas mens best basketball shoes for guards Dimensions ‏: ‎13.6 x 9.8 x 5.25 inches
Manufacturer ‏: ‎Adidas
$ Check Price
2. Nike Mens’ Zoom Shift 2 TB Basketball Shoes, AR0461-600 Dimensions :
Manufacturer ‏: ‎Nike
$ Check Price
3. Under Armour Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball ShoeUnder Armour Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes for guards Dimensions : 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Manufacturer ‏:‎ Under Armour
$ Check Price
4. Adidas Men’s Dame 5 Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.4 x 4.8 inches
Manufacturer: Adidas
$ Check Price
5. Adidas Kids’ Dame 6 SneakerThe Best basketball shoes for guardsDimensions: 24.38 x 17.53 x 10.67 cm
Manufacturer ‏:‎ Adidas
$ Check Price

Our Top Picks

Best Overal

Under Armour Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes for guards
Under Armour Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes for guards
Under Armour Unisex-Child Ignite

Second Choice

The Best basketball shoes for guards
Kids basketball shoes

Adidas Dame 6 Sneaker

Before going to choose the best basketball shoes you can learn about Different Types of Basketball Shoes.

1. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoe

Adidas’s BOOST technology is progressive quick and it in fact feels like causing great surprise or wonder here. The footbed has more boost than D Rose 5, even despite the fact that it’s not really full-length. As a result, the shoes will be too soft, comfortable, and responsive for guards.

One of the most progressive point guards in the league, Derrick Rose is able to take over a game at any moment. The dreams and hopes of a further. Chicago dynasty is in his hands. 

These men’s basketball shoes are created for D-Rose’s high-octane style of play. Dual boost cartridges repose every move charged with light and rapid energy, and a mobilized permanence cage locks your foot in place for fast cuts around your opponents. 

expensive and of high-quality materials and details provide them a look good for D-Rose’s game.

These shoes are 100% Textile, Synthetic sole, Imported, and Shaft and takes measurements of approximately 5.5″ from the arch. Boost’s forces-returning properties continue to be every step charged with an unremitting supply of light, fast energy.


Construction makes it available for using the state of being stable and speed by geometrical research to generate a lightweight and supportive running chassis. Derrick Rose logo on the behind of the bottom and on the outsole. Non-marking rubber outsole.

A part of the whole of sales from these shoes will be given to the Jesse Owens Foundation, which helps provide scholarships and educational assistance to underprivileged youth.


The Peak Underground is Lou’s brand new signature model for the new 2020 season. The extraordinary design is inspired by his classic nickname ‘Underground Goat’.

A whole new progressive lacing system wraps perfectly around the foot while the upgraded TPU support solves the problem of the softness of TAICHI material at low speeds. Discover professional play and become the greatest of all time. The state-of-the-art cushioned midsole is able to attain adaptive slow cushion rebound to match your Earmarked sport. Experience better shock absorption with every step. Finally, a shoe that adjusts to you.


Large 3D TPU with anti-torsion for arch support. This permits the forefoot and rearfoot to step independently and adapt to running surfaces in the absence of straining your foot.

They are made to proffer the perfect balance of support, flexibility, and comfort to improve your performance on the court and win every game. Designed for beginners,  professional athletes, and anyone wanting inspiring play.

Use a long-lasting full palm rubber outsole mix with polar and herringbone patterns to make stylish basketball shoes for men that offer higher quality cushioning, permanence, and years of balling big on the court. 

The collage superior leather provides the highest quality support and breathable performance while the padded internal helps aid in lockdown.

Product quick details:

Package Dimensions:16.3 x 11.9 x 5.8 inches; 11 Ounces
Date First Available:Jun 20, 2019
Manufacturer:Adidas Performance Child Code (Shoes)


The Boost cushioning is causing great surprise. This is one of the best basketball shoes for guards. It was like a pillow in my shoes. As any witch of poor quality or a low standard knee who can also obtain shin splints, this is very to be desired, the traction on a not considerably dusty court was phenomenal.

The overall ease was pretty good, without a doubt, not the finest, but as much as to like the shoe. inasmuch as they arrive in not the same as another or each other upper variants. I can’t in actual fact inform you how each one felt. The white colorway (mesh) felt nice-looking and balanced. No major exposures, bulkiness, or no matter anything like that.


Unbelievable. You may really feel the full perspective of a boost here. While it’s kind of full-length, I seriously can’t term two shoes that make sense of a more excellent or effective type or quality than this. Boost is hands down my most liked cushion that is of suitable quality in my play style. If you’re a guard and you’ve burst apart/heavier, this is gold for you.


These shoes free from dirt floors will provide the highest quality grip and traction. You will still be fine on mini dusty/dirty floors, you’ll just require to wipe from time to time. In a way that causes surprise, traction is still extremely nice outdoors, so don’t be worried about stepping out of the inferior courts. 

A repeated decorative design doesn’t look long-lasting, but it sure is. It is very closely compacted in substance though, so mote will clog up rapidly.  the only complaint is only.

 Boost cushioning is incredible
Excellent traction
Awesome support
Many different upper variants
The strap lacing system is not that effective
Too Long
The outsole can create a lot of dirt while playing on very dirty courts

2. Nike Mens’ Zoom Shift 2 TB Basketball Shoes, AR0461-600

The low-cut Nike Zoom Shift 2 basketball shoes offer lightweight support and facility and create a thing that completes the expertise of moving at the high-speed game of guards and swifts forwards.

Comply with rules to your foot’s external form for a just-right fit and not hard or firm to the touch textile upper feels broken in right out of the box. An exterior heel counter combines with lacing to add the state of being stable.

Zoom has gone by in time and no longer exists as the defense as you alternative to top swiftness with the Nike Zoom Shift. Engineered for the quality of moving fast to suit today’s fast-paced game, the Zoom Move shapes a lightweight mesh upper and a Zoom Air bag that gives s cushioned comfort and impossible-to-believe stability as you cruise all over the court at high speeds.

If you’re a fast one or want to be speedy, you’d get this shoe pair. This would also be the best option as the best basketball shoe for guards if:

  • If you’re into outdoor games, namely this pair of shoes does exceptionally well on that court.
  • You’d want to be fast and react quickly to your game without sacrificing comfort and stability.

The Nike Zoom Shift shapes a Phylon foam midsole that sums up cushioning, offering encouraging comfort perfect for quick jumps and arrivals while a forefoot Zoom Air unit delivers a reactive ride on-court. 

The long-lasting outsole of the Zoom Shift gives on-court traction through a rubber tread pattern that encloses its sides, increasing grip during lateral movements and high-speed cuts.

With a mid-top creative construction and molded heel counter, the Zoom Shift offers comforting support while its dynamic webbing system provides an adaptive lockdown.

The Nike Zoom Shift is the only one of its kind design pack with just as much technology to make it formidable on-court while still being cool and comfortable to wear on the streets. Its mid-top silhouette has pull-loops on the heel and tongue to assist with facile on and off while a padded cushion used for cushioning or to provide a better fit adds comfort.

Capping off its differing striking colors is the well-known Swoosh branding on the lateral side of the forefoot that marks up to the midfoot.

Product quick details:

Package Dimensions:No data
Date First Available:Oct 1, 2018


The Zoom Shift is a well-performing budget model that features a Zoom unit in the forefront and a lightweight mesh upper The fit is very narrow and takes an extended break-in period before getting softer and more comfortable. Overall, the Nike Zoom Shift is to be desired or approved of the budget option for guards.


The cushioning is in actual fact stiff and reactive, but influence protection is minimal. The cushion feels extremely nice. I really like the structure of Phylon foam with a Zoom unit in the forefoot.


The traction is a light incongruous and doesn’t work very satisfactorily on dusty courts – be ready to swab a lot. The traction was good and worked with justice well on dusty courts.

For a period of time, the Nike Zoom Shift is aesthetically delightful, but the inappropriate traction and the brick-like cushion make the shoe very displeasing on-court.

Exceptional for outdoor play
Good indoor traction
Requires no break-in
Impressive, soft upper
Great value for money
Solid lockdown and support
Disappointing tightness
Stiff cushioning
Quick dust pickup
Requires frequent wiping

3. Under Armour Unisex-Child Ignite V | The best basketball shoe for guards.

Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes have able to be adjusted simulated strap features HeatGear lining. This shoe’s Footbed was created with two tiers of Performance 4D Foam for unparalleled comfort. It’s very special for the guards’ support.

Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes relating to anatomical structure shapes make available for use with additional cushioning. Re-engineered EVA outsole built to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. hard-wearing traction pods in the heel for lightweight cushioning & comfort.

These shoes are a type of cloth or woven fabric and are simulated. Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes are imported, Rubber soles, Shaft measures are used to show that something is almost mid-top from the arch. 

These shoes have Breathable, 2-tone mesh situated above another part with TPU hot melt film over the finger for more protection.

Unisex-Child Ignite V Basketball Shoes are long-lasting, synthetic cover the surface for a state of being stable.  shoes have to lock in midfoot concentrated, mobilized lacing zones in the forefoot, midfoot & heel for customized, strategic fit. The shoes have an exotic TPU heel counter for locked-in support.

Product quick details:

Package Dimensions:0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches; 14.6 Ounces
Date First Available:August 31, 2018
Manufacturer‏:Under Armour


Love the look and feel of the shoes when walking around. The product is true to size and Great product. Love the material and durability of the shoe. Great for outdoors. It is a hard sole, but when it comes to an indoor court, especially wood, it isn’t that grippy.


The design and Cushing are extremely appropriate and look nice, I like those so far. 


The traction is great and it’s an excellent  Basketball shoe, they are light with great support. They are fit tight to the feet and more comfortable. The hightop peculiarity also is not too hard and it also defends his ankles

Attractive style
Long wearability
Powerful traction
Outdoor and indoor shoe
Lightweight and breathable
Reasonably priced
Short laces
Painful external heel counter

4. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

The Adidas Dame 5 is not your usual basketball shoe. It performs exactly the method Dame Lillard does in his games. It is not quite the perfect package for hooping. There might be small-scale exposure with the sizing for some buyers, but in case a morally good size is picked, the backing and lockdown are an assured win. It is only the start of the year, but some hoopers meanwhile overhauled their rotation to comprise the extraordinary Adidas Dame 5.

Play low and speedy with Dame 5 style. One of the best basketball shoes for guards support.

These basketball shoes are created with a soft suede upper and attribute interior pods toward the midfoot and extending or directly below.

The tongue for anomalous comfort. A Bounce midsole provides the shoes lightweight cushioning, and a midfoot banking obstacle gives lateral the state of being stable for fast changes of direction. A herringbone outsole provides good traction.

The Dame 4 shoes were titled the most excellent Damian Lillard basketball shoe when they arrived. Now that the Adidas Dame 5 is out, it takes on top of that most important title. These recently released Adidas basketball shoes are said to have the attached quality of the Dame 2, 3, and 4.

 It carries a full-length Bounce cushion for great reactionary expertise. The herringbone design on the shoe’s outsole is the premier in Dame Lillard’s line. Regardless of how tidy or dusty the court is, the traction works similarly to a champion. It just tightly courts well. The upper is either formed of net and suede, or full-length leather.

Product quick details:

Package Dimensions:12.7 x 10.4 x 4.8 inches; 13.2 Ounces
Date First Available:July 25, 2019
Manufacturer‏:Under Armour


the Adidas Men’s Dame 5 formed to play fresh out of the box, the Adidas Men’s Dame 5 Running Shoes are schematic and designed for Damian Lillard’s signature style. created with a textile situated above another part, they feature capable of bending easily without breaking cushioning for lightweight comfort on every step-back jumper. The herringbone outsole allows you alternative ways on a dime.


Just kind of the preceding Damian Lillard basketball shoes, these Dame 5 shoes arrive with full-length Bounce. 

The quality of reacting quickly and positively, influence protection, and energy come back exempted by the Bounce cushioning entirely meet Damian Lillard’s unique needs.


Depending on any of a range of combinations of colors in which a style or design is available., these Dame 5 shoes appear with light gum, gum, or solid rubber outsole. It is proud of the trust involving, or operating in several directions herringbone traction pattern. Dusty courts are not a barrier to the beastly performance of these Damian Lillard basketball shoes.

Practical, durable, comfortable
Good-looking and fashionable
Suitable Cons could not be generated at this time.

5. Adidas Kids’ Dame 6 Sneaker

The Adidas Dame 6  shoes are a firm and stable in shape on-court performer. The shoe’s components also do a great job of supporting and locking in the foot  All things.

Having been thought about carefully, these D Lillard basketball sneakers are fun to hoop in.

The Dame 6 is a considerably good basketball shoe by Adidas. I’ve perceived a lot of good things about the Dame 6 shoe and I was very enthusiastic to finally play in them. I was not desperate! The best characteristic of these shoes is they are verily comfortable. The shoe feels really good and I think the shoe is working for all expertise levels.

How to choose the best basketball shoes for guards?

Read this blog for how to clean the best basketball shoes.

The Adidas Dame 6 is recommended for players who are looking for a multipurpose shoe that will be able to perform on both indoor and outdoor courts. The Dame 6 is additionally made comfortable and hugs feet perfectly. We can play for a long time without any complaints.

On the court of Dame 6, all things come simultaneously nicely. I feel durable moving quickly or slowly and the shoe is reactive. The top of the shoe has been in pretty good condition after playing with them for a while. I would say all-inclusive stability is pretty good.

The Dame 6 performs extremely well on regular wood basketball courts. These shoes played pretty well on both surfaces.

Product quick details:

Package Dimensions:24.38 x 17.53 x 10.67 cm; 544 Grams
Date First Available:9 October 2020


The Lightstrike cushioning offers a morally good quantity of court feel, the quality of reacting quickly and positively, and impact protection.


The traction is great and it’s a comfortable Basketball shoe

True to size
Extremely comfortable
Good cushioning
Hugs the feet nicely
Break-in period not needed
Thin tongue
Not for wide feet

This is an option for choosing the best shoes. I hope this blog will help you a lot to know about Best Basketball Shoes For guards. Thanks for reading this blog. Please share your opinion in the comment box below.

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