Tips for buying basketall shoes

10 Best Tips for Buying Basketball Shoes


If you are a newbie who wants to purchase a basketball shoe then it is so much difficult to select the best basketball shoes. Playing basketball can never be enjoyable without the right basketball shoes. So, you need to consider a few things before purchasing any basketball shoe. Such as Ankle protection, position & playing style, choosing the correct size, Traction & balance, Comport & Cushioning, Budget & Brand, Durability, etc.  In this article, I will explain the details about the 10 best tips for buying basketball shoes. Hopefully, If you read this article carefully then you will be able to purchase the right basketball shoes. If you finish reading this article carefully, I am sure that you will be ready to make a purchase by this time. So Let’s enjoy!!

Before purchase any Basketball shoe you need to consider these things.

  • Ankle protection
  • Position & playing style
  • Choose the right Size
  • Traction & Balance
  • Comfort and Cushioning
  • Budget & Brand
  • Durability
  • Material
  • Look at the Midsole, Outsole & Upper fit
  • Original or Fake

The most important factor is ankle protection

I am not a basketball player but I know how important ankle protection is for any player. Different types of basketball shoes are available in the store. But if you want to best ankle stability then high-top is the right choice for you. This type of shoe gives you the best ankle protection rather than other shoes. If you are a jumper this shoe much better than other basketball shoes. Ankle safety comes from each part of the shoe. Such as materials, upper, lacing system, traction, etc. So, if you need ankle protection then you need to consider these key features when you go to purchase any basketball shoes. Moreover, you can read the reviews of the customer to select the best basketball shoes for ankle support. For example, Nike Jordan 1 Mid Igloo Men’s 554724-132 is one of the best ankle support shoes.

Position & playing style

Before purchasing any basketball shoes you need to consider your position & playing style. The basketball game has 5 positions. Such as power forward, small forward, center, shooting guard, and point guard. But this position is divided into four groups. Such as the Finesse group, Slasher group, Power group & Post group. Each type of player needs a unique style of shoe. You need to pick basketball shoes that are skill and play-style-appropriate.

✔️ Finesse type player needs

Most of the time, the finesse players have the ball in their hands and generally tend to convey the ball up to the court. If you are this type of player then you need to comfortable shoe with high-quality cushioning. Also, you need high-quality traction features if you are this type of player.

✔️ Slasher type player needs

A slasher is a basketball participant who generally drives (slashes) to the basket whilst on offense. They are commonly a guard, however also can be forward. A slasher is a quick and athletic participant who tries to get near the basket for a layup, dunk, or teardrop shot. Slashers type players move in all directions that’s why they need to ankle protection, traction with lateral support. If you are this type of player then you need to choose this type of shoe that does everything well.

✔️ Power type player needs

Most of the power players are thick and pretty fast type. This is another group of basketball players that need proper ankle protection and support.  

✔️ Post type player needs

If you’re a post player you’re going to be banging around a ton and you’ll want the maximum help possible. Because this type of player generally tends to hold round loads of weight you’ll need a product with probably the greatest safety too. So before purchase, you need to consider this.

Choose the Right Size

You need to think to choose the right size when you go to purchase any basketball shoes. Do you want to know your basketball shoe size before purchasing? Using a tape measure or ruler you can measure your feet at home before purchasing any basketball shoe easily. There are different sizes of basketball shoes in the store. From there, you need to select the correct size of basketball shoes that are suitable for you. Just need to make sure that you can measure your feet anytime. Also, you need to check your feet while you are standing up with shoes when you wear socks.

Traction & Balance 

Before purchasing, make sure that this shoe gives you traction & balance features. Traction at the basketball courtroom docket relies upon the friction among the ground the only of the shoe. Cleaning up a dusty ground is fundamental to enhancing everyone’s basketball experience. If your footwear nonetheless slides round on easy ground then higher shoe upkeep and traction development merchandise let you get a grip.

Comfort and Cushioning

Comfort and cushioning are one of the key features you need to consider before purchase any basketball shoe. You need to check when you are walking, running, or jumping that this shoe gives you comfort and cushioning. If your buying basketball shoe not gives you comfort & cushioning feature then you can’t give your team the best effort. We always suggest you buy the shoe that gives you better comfort & cushioning to wear.

Budget & Brand

Budget & brand are also characteristics that you need to consider. It is really important. No need to go to cheap-rate shoes or high. You need to find out the best basketball shoes at an affordable price that range that also fits your needs. If you purchase low-quality shoes then you might be at risk of slipping with injury of the ankle because of poor traction. We recommended that your affordable budget limit can be $50-$100. If you spend $50-$100 you’ll get an outstanding shoe. If you have no problem with the budget, then you can spend more than $100. At this price, you will get a high-performing shoe guarantee. For selecting a brand we are definitely recommended Nike, Adidas & Air Jordan. So, before buy needs to consider this.

Consider your shoe orginal or fake

Please check your selecting basketball shoes orginal or fake before purchase. Just remember that many sellers sell class A, class B basketball shoes. If you have a low budget then you can select fake shoes but you will get original shoes within a low budget just need to find them. If you purchase fake basketball shoes then it will be affected your game also ankle support. So, you just need to remember these features when you buy any basketball shoes.


In this article, I have already explained the details 10 best tips for buying basketball shoes. If you read this article carefully I think you will learn a lot before purchase any basketball shoe to select the best basketball shoe which feet perfectly. In the summary of this article, no need to purchase any low-quality shoes although you will get this shoe just at a cheap rate. You need to select the perfect shoe which gives you all helpful features like ankle support, wide feet, budget & brand, durability, comfort & cushioning, traction & balance, size, and so on at an affordable price. Hopefully, you enjoy this article. If you have any queries or suggestions about the tips for buying basketball shoes just leave a comment below. We are always here to assist you. Have a great day!!

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