sore feet remedy

Suffering from sore feet(Remedy):


Why are my feet sore:

Does it happen to you when you wake up in the morning and realise how bad your feet are hurting. And then you recall about what you did yesterday. Maybe you were on your feet all day long. Or maybe you were wearing a heel that you are not used to. If you were standing for a prolong period of time make sure you have the best shoes for standing all day with you.

Sore feet can happen due to a number of reasons. It can also get quite annoying. So today I will be sharing some tips to get rid of sore feet. Please do note before following these tips to consult with a doctor. If you are having sore feet on a regular basis then these remedies might not help you. You might even have athelete’s foot or a fungal infection. Make sure to consult with your doctor.

1.Get that perfect shoe!

First and foremost let me start with some ways by which you can prevent sore feet. Well, they say prevention is better than cure! Many times we have sore feet after wearing a certain shoe. The shoe may be too small for you. If your feet are cramped into small shoes you might feel ache whilst walking. Make sure that your shoes are the right fit. While buying a shoe make sure the shoes are not too tight nor too loose. A good fit will go a long way especially if you are on your foot for most of the time. If you are someone who are on their foot very often you need to make extra care when buying a shoe.

Also when buying a shoe you need to make sure of one thing. Make sure your shoes are well padded. If you walk a lot or even engage in some sort of vigorous exercise then you need to have shoes which are well padded. Padded shoes means they are well cushioned on the inside. This way you can avoid sore feet.

2. Soak your feet in water :

This is a very old remedy. And probably you have even heard of it when you were young. If you have sore feet try soaking your feet. Firstly place a bowl infront of you then put cold water into it. Then place your feet and stay for 5-10 minutes. Then replace the water with luke warm water. This is a type of massage which helps sore feet. This “hydromassage” can result in increased blood circulation and as a result relief from sore feet. To get the full benefit from this massage try to do this few times a week. Or even if you can twice a day if you have had a very busy “feet” day and are expecting another one the next morning.

3. Massage with hand:

If you have a spouse you can ask them massage you. Apply some massage oil to your feet and massage your whole feet. Make sure to massage the aching area. This hand massage will increase blood circulation. And can give you some relief. Not only that massages can also be extra pleasurable. Besides, who doesn’t like massages!

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