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Best Basketball Shoes 2017 – Top Picks

Taking a look at the best basketball shoes 2017:

Whilst choosing a basketball shoe it may seem like an easy task to those who are not into the sport. But for a ball player it is really a big task. Player’s need the best basketball shoe that they feel the most comfortable in. If you are into the game you know how important your shoes are. This game requires you to be very agile and be sprinting on your feet. That means you need the best basketball shoes 2017 has to offer.

Maybe, you are an experienced player and know how to pick just the perfect pair. Or, maybe you are trying to find that perfect pair for yourself and need some advice. You are in the correct place. Let us take a look at the best basketball shoes available.​

Before buying (Best Basketball Shoes 2017 ):

  • 1.Right Fit:

    The first and foremost tip that you need to take heed of is the right fit. There is no benefit of buying a great pair if you do not feel comfortable in it. Know what type of shoes you feel the most comfortable in and choose wisely.

  • 2.More Cushion:

    If you are someone who is considered big then you need some great cushions. If you are a tall and weigh more then you need to make sure there are enough cushions in your shoes. The lofty jumps and flashing sprints you may be taking can hurt you big time. To avoid such incidents take heed of the shoes you wear. You don't want to hurt your ankle,feet or knee.

  • 3.The level of durability:

    As you know basketball needs you to be very agile on your feet. You cannot be wearing a casual pair of shoes and be on the basketball court. Make sure whichever shoe you pick they are durable enough to withstand the game. The shoes must be robust and be sports shoes in specific.

  • 4.Breathable:

    Yes, this is a thing and you must take care of this. With lots of running comes lots of perspiration. You will be sweating like a pig. Buy a shoe that is breathable. Which you feel comfortable wearing. Sometimes, especially if you live in a humid country,  you can feel awkward while playing and that might be due to breathability of the shoe. So make sure the shoe that you pick is quite breathable and comfortable to wear.

  • 5.Price:

    I don't have to tell you this but make sure you know your budget. Yes, those professional high quality, branded shoe may appeal to you. But if you casually play ball and don't want to burn a hole in your pocket you don't need to get those. Unless you can afford it :p. So make sure how much you want to spend on a pair of shoes. If you are going to play only once in a while then there is no need to get the costliest basketball shoe unless you want to show it off to your friends. 




​ Nike LeBron XI


Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2014 TB


adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2


adidas Performance Men's Cross 'Em3


Top best basketball shoes 2017:

Without further ado let's get into the list. These are the top 5 which will cater your needs. These shoes are very durable and most are quite affordable.

1.Nike Lebron XI Men's Basketball Shoes:

best basketball shoe

Nike plus Lebron these two may be enough names for you to buy the shoe. Nike has been in the sports arena for a long time. And has become personal favorites to millions of people all around the globe. They did not come short with this shoe either. These are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear. They are very breathable. These shoes have a good amount of cushion which just adds to the comfort level.

Step up your game with a pair of these. Not only are these nike shoe extremely comfy but they have a very good grip. Swaying from side to side during the game is required. This shoe has a synthetic sole which ensures you have enough grip during your game.

The look of this shoe is quite unique. Innovation comes into mind when seeing this shoe. You can be spotted with these on and on lookers will be gazing at these. Overall, this is a great pair to have. This definitely is one of the best basketball shoes 2017 has to offer.

2.Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2014 TB Basketball Shoe:

best basketball shoe of 2017

Even though this blog post is dedicated to Best Basketball Shoes of 2017 but this shoe from 2014 doesn't come short. And as again this is a shoe from the big brand Nike. They sort of figured out to keep their old shoes still in demand. This shoe has a very clean design. The shoe has a very attractive look. And can be spotted from a distance. The shoe has hyper fuse construction. Which makes it quite breathable. The airflow is quite good while wearing it. So you won't be sweating your feet that much.

The shoe has a lightweight built. Lightweight shoes are quite important whilst playing basketball. Overall, these are great shoes at a great price. Be sure to check them out if you want to grab a pair. The only problem I find with these shoes is that these may be a bit tight for some people. Overall, these shoes are quite good. I would definitely consider them to be one of the best basketball shoes. Being said that I am being a bit biased towards nike as I have been a nike fan boy since a very young age.

3.adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe:

best basketball shoes 2017

These are another great pair. And one of the best basketball shoes 2017 has to offer. When I came across these I was instantly attracted to these. The shoe has a very simple outlook. Don't be fooled by the simple design and look. The shoes are extremely comfortable. If you are a big guy this shoe just might be perfect for you. The shoe has a lot of cushions in them. Which makes it ultra comfortable. If you want to avoid any sort of injury try picking these up for yourself.

The shoes also has some flex which makes it really great for people who has different shaped feet. The shoe also has a synthetic sole. Which will allow you to have a good grip whilst running. The most important thing I love about this shoe is it's pricing. These are priced really cheap for what you get. Adidas really amazed me with their pricing strategy for this shoe. Be sure to check them out if you want one of these.

4.adidas Performance Men's Cross 'Em 3 Basketball Shoe:

best basketball shoe

The last but not least comes another adidas shoes. This shoe has a classical basketball shoe feeling to it. This shoe has a rubber sole which makes it quite good if you want to wear them only while playing ball. The shoe is quite light which makes it one of the best basketball shoes 2017 has to offer. This shoe offers great grip which is essentially while running and sprinting and taking sharp turns. This shoe can handle some intense ball games. The only drawback I find with this shoe is that it is not quite breathable. If you come from a quite hot and humid place then your feet might get sweaty and warm after wearing it for a while.

Overall, I like these shoes. The most important thing is they are priced at a very competitive price. Adidas could have easily scaled the price and sell this shoe. Pick them up especially if you want to play basketball wearing it.

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